MED TUHAD-FED releases report on prisons

The report underlined that urgent measures should be taken in prisons to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

MED TUHAD-FED, the Federation of Association of Solidarity with Prisoners' Families, has released its weekly report on prisons. 

The report underlined that urgent measures should be taken in prisons to prevent the spread of coronavirus and that the judicial package should include measures to release all prisoners, without any discrimination. 

The report underlined the following issues:

* In some prisons, cleaning materials, disinfectants and cologne are not provided. Necessary disinfection is not done.

* The prisoners are in overcrowded wards.

* Prison officers enter and leave the wards without taking the necessary precautions.

* Some prisoners are not referred to the hospital.

* In Afyonkarahisar T Type Closed Prison, prisoners are submitted to standing count, the prisoners who do not stand in a single row for count are battered, and the petitions written against the current practices and for other reasons are thrown without being processed by the prison administration.

* M. Fatih Bingül, who was deported from Tarsus T Type Closed Prison to Aksaray T Type Closed Prison, has been kept in a single cell for a month and informed his family that he was tortured upon entering the prison.

* Political prisoners staying in the Aksaray T-Type Prison told their families that during the meeting they had with the prison administration, they have been threatened by the administration.

* Imdat Bingöl, who is kept in a single cell in Trabzon Beşikdüzü T Type Closed Prison, has been isolated without any justification.

* Gariba Gezer, who was deported to Kayseri Bünyan Women's Closed Prison from Tarsus, went on a hunger strike against the practices of the prison in the single-person cell she was kept for days. Her health is not good.

* In Rize Kalkandere Prison, no precautions were taken against the coronavirus and protective materials such as cleaning products, masks and gloves were not given to prisoners."