Ministry of Justice extends cancelation of visits to prisoners

The Turkish Ministry of Justice has extended cancelation of visits to prisoners, including by lawyers.

The AKP-MHP government is not taking serious measures against the real threat of coronavirus spreading in prisons and just proposes the extension of bans as a solution.

The Turkish Ministry of Justice extended the duration of the 'measures' previously taken in prisons due to the coronavirus for two more weeks within the framework of the recommendations of the Coronavirus Scientific Committee.

Visits banned

The decision of the Ministry of Justice means that all visits, including by lawyers are suspended.

Furthermore, the special leave rights granted to those who remain in open penal execution institutions, transfers of prisoners from one penal institution to another, work, restaurant, social facilities and activities have been postponed for another two weeks.

Likewise, children aged 0 to 6 who are in prison with their mothers have seen their right to go to internal schools and nursery and outside with relatives suspended.

Relatives of the prisoners will be able to make visits only if so decided by the Chief Public Prosecutor and only in special situations. Lawyers will be able to make a closed visit by wearing masks and gloves when deemed strictly necessary.