Most Finns oppose concessions to Turkey for NATO membership

In a survey conducted in Finland before the NATO summit, 70 percent of the Finnish respondents said that If Turkey's demands were met, they would not favour NATO membership.

The most important agenda of the NATO summit starting in Madrid, the capital of Spain, is Sweden’s and Finland’s NATO bids following Russia's attack on Ukraine, and Turkey's objections to the Nordic countries.

In exchange for supporting Sweden’s and Finland’s NATO bids, Turkey demands the Nordic countries fight more against the Kurdish Freedom Movement and to lift the arms embargo imposed by the Helsinki and Stockholm governments.

However, according to a survey conducted in Finland before the summit in Madrid, most of the Finnish people are against making concessions to Turkey.

According to Helsingin Sanomat, one of Finland's leading newspapers, 70 percent of the respondents expressed the opinion that “if the Turkish demands were met, we would not favour the NATO membership process.”

Those who want Turkey's demands to be fulfilled remained at 14 percent.


It is reported that most of those who expressed pro-Turkey views are followers of the racist Finns Party. The survey also revealed that the Finns are giving more support to NATO membership each passing day.

Compared to last May, the percentage of the Finns who favour NATO membership has increased by 6 percent to 79.

While 11 percent were against NATO membership, 10 percent of the respondents said they were " undecided about the issue." In Finland, supporters of left and socialist parties constitute a significant part of those who do not support NATO membership.