Mother calls for a solution for sick prisoners in Turkey

“Our children are in prison for our rights. They didn't do anything bad. We should do something for them,” Kolakan, mother of two prisoners, said.

The Justice Vigil of the prisoners' families at the Amed Bar Association is continuing. The families are fighting for the immediate release of their seriously ill relatives in Turkey’s prisons. Civil society organizations in the city keep visiting the Justice Vigil which marks its 53rd day. However, no steps have been taken by the state institutions so far.

Feyziye Kolakan, an activist of the ongoing Justice Vigil at the Amed Bar Association, said that a solution should be found before sick prisoners die in Turkey’s prisons.

Speaking to ANF, Kolakan said that one of her sons is jailed in Bandırma city and the other in Siverek.

“Since the outbreak of pandemic, I could not visit my son jailed in Siverek prison. His wife was allowed to visit him, but they banned her because they talked for an extra 5 minutes. Recently, I have been visiting him and I realized that my son's condition was not good. We have been carrying out this vigil in an office of the Amed Bar Association. Lawyers, bar associations and the state officials need to find a solution for our children. We need to find a solution to this problem before our children die in prisons," Kolakan said.


Kolakan remarked that some of the sick prisoners have been jailed for about 30 years. “They are not allowed to enjoy daylight, nor can they eat a good meal. We used to bring food to them, but prison managers have now banned it. Prison officers frequently raid their wards. They torture them. They were conducting body searches every week even though there was no open visitation. Prisoners are already in the hands of the state. So, why body search?” she said.


 “The mothers of prisoners should join our vigil. They need to fight for their children's freedom and support our vigil. These children are mistreated in prisons. We must do something for them. Lawyers should also come and support us. Our children are in prison for our rights. They didn't do anything bad. For this very reason, we need to protect the rights of the prisoners,” Kolakan concluded.