Nazi threat against Kurdish association in Bremen

The Biratî association, which has been observed and frequently searched by the police, is now also threatened by Nazis. Cartridges bearing swastikas were found in the letterbox of the Kurdish association in Bremen's Neustadt district.

Two days ago, cartridges bearing a swastika were discovered in the letterbox of the Kurdish association Biratî in Bremen. The association has filed a complaint. The association's premises in Bremen's Neustadt district are under constant surveillance by the police. This is known from various criminal proceedings against alleged PKK cadres. The surveillance logs from the past even contain details of who smoked a cigarette or drank tea in front of the club and when.

In addition, the premises have been repeatedly searched by the police, most recently on January 16. At the same time, Kurdish activist Kadri Saka was detained in his apartment in Bremen and arrested under section129a/b of the German Criminal Code for membership or support of a terrorist organization abroad. The 58-year-old father of eight children then went on a hunger strike in protest while in custody in Hamburg, which he ended two weeks ago in response to an urgent request from outside. The Hamburg Public Prosecutor General's Office accuses Kadri Saka of having worked as a PKK member in a "prominent position" in Bremen and the surrounding area from the end of 2018 to July 2021 and of having supported the person responsible for the area at the time. His tasks are claimed to have consisted of organizing demonstrations and events, mobilizing participants for these activities, mediating disputes, conducting fundraising campaigns or selling magazines and event tickets.

Kurdish businesspeople in Bremen's Neustadt district received threatening letters back in November 2023.