‘Our children are jailed because they are Kurds’

Families and relatives of prisoners holding a vigil for justice in Amed said, “Our children are jailed because they are Kurds.”

The Justice Vigil launched by families of prisoners in the premises of Amed Bar Association is on its 50th day. Since many families went to Ankara in order to express their demands in the parliament, only 3 families attended the vigil today.

Speaking at the vigil, Fevziye Kolakan, one of the relatives of prisoners, said, “Even if it takes us 50 years, we will keep our struggle going until we get our children back.”

Indicating the prisoners who have been denied release despite serving their sentences, Kolakan condemned the imposition of repentance on prisoners, adding, “Our children are jailed because they defended their language. They are in prison just because they are Kurds."