PCF urges EU and France to take a stance about attacks in Turkey

The French Communist Party (PCF) urged the European Union and France to take a tough stance against the political genocide attacks carried out by the AKP government against the HDP.

The PCF said in the statement that Turkey is faced with an unprecedented economic crisis, however Erdogan is increasing his expansionist policies in Syria, Iraq, Libya and East Mediterranean. The statement added that these policies aimed at stirring nationalist feelings inside while hiding the failures of the Islamist-nationalist government.

The PCF underlined the endless repression carried out by the Erdogan’s regime on all democratic forces that resist the dictatorship. It reminded that since 2016 at least 150,000 opposition members have been sent to prison.

The statement further underlined that Erdogan makes no mystery of his hatred of the HDP, which is in favour of peace and put Erdogan in the minority in 2015. Today, said the statement, “a new genocide operation was carried out against 82 HDP executives. Erdogan is making fun of human rights, threatening regional peace.”

The PCF urged France and the European Union to take a stance and not remain silent. "France and the EU should condemn this dangerous regime and impose sanctions with determination and without ambivalence."

The PCF statement also expressed solidarity with all democratic forces in Turkey fetching, justice, democracy and underlined the need to side with the HDP for peace to prevail.