Police forcibly take to army hospital man thrown from helicopter

Osman Şiban, who was thrown from a helicopter after he was detained in Van, was forcibly taken to the military hospital by the police who came to his house in the morning.

Police today raided the house of Osman Şiban. Şiban, 50 and father of 8, appeared in the hospital two days after being detained, along with Servet Turgut, on 11 September by the Turkish state forces that were carrying out an operation in the Çatak district of Van. The hospital report confirmed that the two villagers were thrown from a helicopter.

According to information received the police took Şiban to the military hospital on the instructions of the Chief Public Prosecutor's Office. It is not known whether a custody warrant for has been issued for Şiban.

The villager, who suffered from memory loss due to the torture he suffered, has not yet received any statements regarding the incident.