Political prisoner in intensive care after torture in Şırnak

After an attack by guards in the T-type prison in Şırnak, political prisoner Ali Çevik is in intensive care.

In the T-type prison in Şırnak, guards stormed the cells of political prisoners and 16 prisoners were mistreated by the prison staff. Prisoner Mehmet Ali Çevik was taken to the intensive care unit due to injuries sustained from the torture. The other prisoners suffered broken arms or legs, among other injuries. The attack reportedly took place under the supervision of the prison director.

Attacks have been taking place for a week

The information about the attacks came to the public through relatives of prisoners. According to prisoner Mahsun Durak who told his wife Zeynep Durak about the events, the attacks in the prison have been going on since October 22. Zeynep Durak said her husband had hematomas on his face and abrasions on his nose during the visit. She called on the public to stand up for the prisoners, urging human rights organizations to investigate the attacks.

Mahsun Durak's father, Mehmet Durak, said: "Two days ago, the cells were stormed by guards. They wanted to combine the three cells with political prisoners. The prisoners did not accept this. The guards forced the prisoners to stand facing the wall. Then they threatened them: 'We will make men out of you now.' The same thing happened in all the cell blocks. Many of the prisoners were beaten. Various other forms of abuse also occurred. Many prisoners were transferred to other jails."