Political prisoners in Giresun jail beaten and tortured

Political prisoners were threatened by guards in Giresun Espiye L Type Closed Execution Institution. It was stated that Ismail Taylan and Isa Aslan were forcibly handcuffed, taken out of the ward and tortured.

The prisoners in Giresun Espiye L Type Closed Prison said that they were attacked by the prison administration in a phone call with their families.

According to the families' reports, the prisoners who have been on a rotating hunger strike for about a month against rights violations are subjected to psychological violence every day.

The prisoners told their families that on Wednesday morning, the director of the prison, the chief guard and many guards raided the ward of those on hunger strike, beat up Ismail Taylan and Isa Aslan, handcuffed them, and took them away.

The prisoners said that they were threatened by the prison director and called on human rights organizations and the public to be sensitive to their protest.