Political prisoners start hunger strike against rights violations

3 out of the 10 political prisoners held in Izmir Aliağa T Type Prison have started a hunger strike as a warning against rights violations.

Political prisoner Sedat Karadağ wrote a letter in the name of 10 political prisoners held in Izmir Aliağa T Type Prison No.1 and listed the rights violations in the prison:

“- Our right to cultural, educational and sports activity for 10 hours minimum per week is prevented.

- The searches have gone beyond security purposes and reached the level of harassment. Our private parts are handled during searches.

- Our right to regular and one-off publications according to the Article 62 of the Execution of Punishments and Security Precautions Act is prevented.

- Our right to the infirmary in the prison is frequently prevented.

- We are not referred to the hospital, even our friends who are seriously ill are not referred to the hospital.

- Despite the prison bylaws stating that the table, chair and other such furniture is given to the wards as fixtures, we can’t exercise this right.

- We are 10 people in a 3-person room built in the F Type style.

- Although the prison administration knows our families reside in Kurdish cities, our open and closed visits are made at 08:30 in the morning. In the slightest delay, the visits are cancelled.”

The letter states that the prisoners attempted to resolve the rights violations countless times through dialogue and legal means. Despite all their attempts, they couldn’t find anybody to solve the issues, and that prisoners Sedat Karadağ, Vedat Çelik and Agit Güneş have started a hunger strike as a warning and to let people know.