Political prisoners tortured in Patnos: Broken ribs

Political prisoners exiled from Samsun to Patnos have been tortured to the point where their ribs were broken.

18 political prisoners were exiled from Samsun Bafra Prison to Patnos Type L Prison and they have been tortured severely for hours for refusing naked searches.

Prisoners exiled to the prison in Patnos have each been charged 800 Liras for it. The prison administration wanted to conduct naked searches on entry, and the prisoners were left to wait outside in the harsh winter cold when they refused. The administration had the guards torture the prisoners for hours by the entrance when they couldn’t complete the naked search.

As a result of the guards torturing the prisoners for hours, Mehmet Kırdağ and 4 other prisoners have broken ribs and the rest of the prisoners have bruises and broken bones throughout their bodies.

Prisoners told their families about the torture and said the severely wounded ones among them have not been taken to the hospital. Prisoners’ families said the prison warden doesn’t want the torture to be known by the families or the press.