Prisoner with cancer sent to solitary confinement

Prisoner Fatma Özbay suffers from cancer. Her request for treatment for a wound on her foot was rejected and instead she was sentenced to solitary confinement on the pretext that she had hidden a needle in the ward.

Fatma Özbay is a prisoner in Izmir Şakran Women's Closed Prison. She suffers from stage 3 cancer and she was sentenced to 13 days in solitary confinement on the grounds of fulfilling the disciplinary penalty that was postponed in Erzurum Women's Closed Prison, where she previously stayed.

Fatma Özbay, who will stay in her cell for 9 more days, requested that she be transferred to the emergency department of the hospital located on the prison campus to find out the cause of the blister filled with water in her foot in recent weeks.

Özbay said that she was given a solitary sentence after she protested to the prison administration for not sending her to the infirmary.

According to the information that ill prisoner Fatma Özbay conveyed to her lawyer, the excuse for imposing a disciplinary sanction was "having a needle in the ward while she was in Erzurum Women's Prison.

Stating that her routine treatment at Katip Çelebi Hospital continues, Fatma Özbay said through her lawyer that she will have a mammography and ultrasound done to find out the nature of the mass that has appeared in her right breast.