Prisoners denounce torture in Diyarbakır T Type jail

Detainees in Diyarbakır T Type Prison were subjected to torture by being handcuffed in a corner without cameras.

Detainees in Diyarbakır T Type Closed Prison were attacked by guards. It was reported that the detainees were handcuffed behind their backs and tortured in a place where there were no cameras during the guards' raid on the ward on 31 January. Abdülaziz Tektaş said that the detainees were tortured in the phone call he had with his family last week,

Tektaş said that they were attacked after an argument between the guards and the prisoners who wanted to get information about the transfer of one of two brothers to another prison.

The family said that an argument broke out between Tektaş and other prisoners and the guards. Tektaş told his family that everyone in the ward was handcuffed behind their backs and tortured in a corner where there were no cameras. Tektaş and his friends were taken to the hospital. Tektaş's family said he was injured in the head and back.

The family added that the detainees filed a petition regarding the attack, but the prison administration did not provide information on the issue.