Prisoners' health at risk in Patnos jail

ÖHD, TUHAY-DER and Van Bar Association prepared a report on Patnos L Type Prison. It was stated that the prisoners' health rights were violated.

The Van Branch of the Lawyers Association for Freedom (ÖHD), the Association for Solidarity with Prisoners’ Families (TUHAY-DER) and Van Bar Association Prison Commission published their report after their investigation in Patnos L Type Prison.

The report said that the prisoners’ right to health was violated. “Protective materials such as masks, gloves and disinfectants are sold to prisoners and often the prices are exorbitant in many prisons making it difficult for prisoners to afford them. Disinfection procedures are not carried out comprehensively and frequently in the wards, and the prisoners called to make phone calls are going without complying with social distance rules.” The report said that the risk for prisoners and warder’s safety increased exponentially.

The report also emphasized that the elderly and ill prisoners should be released.

The report also underlined the prisoners’ observations as follows:

* "Disinfection process is carried out every 15-20 days in the wards, but very superficially,

* 17 people stay in 8-person wards, 24 people stay in 15-person wards,

* Prisoners are not provided with free cleaning materials, most of the cleaning materials sold in the canteen are not available, and the prices are high,

* There are no sports and similar social activities,

* 20 minutes of family phone calls weekly and closed family visits once a month,

* The requested newspapers are not brought,

* Petitions are not delivered to the relevant authorities,

* No precautions specific to prisoners with chronic diseases, elderly and children have been taken,

* Prisoners who have to be taken to the hospital are quarantined in single rooms for 14 days after returning from the hospital, elderly and ill prisoners cannot go to the hospital due to this situation and their treatment is interrupted,

* The problem of dirty and bad-smelling water continues, although it has been reported to the prosecutor, no solution has been found yet, because the food is cooked with the same water, sometimes there are worms in the meals and the food is very bad,

* Drinking water has to be bought from the canteen which is a problem for prisoners.”