PYD: We support the talks with Damascus

The PYD Party Council has shared its views on the solution of the problems in Syria.

The Democratic Union Party (PYD) has convened for its fourth ordinary party council meeting this year and has scheduled its planning for the next two months. The final declaration of the meeting referred to the recent developments in Syria. Among other things, the PYD stated that it supports the talks between the Syrian Democratic Council (MSD) and the Syrian government in Damascus. The declaration also commented on Turkey's plans for the Idlib operation.

The final declaration for the fourth regular session of the PYD Party Council said the following:

"Members of the general council of our party have held their fourth ordinary session this year. At this meeting we discussed our work in the districts and cantons after the party congress, as well as the activities and planning of our offices for organization, women, youth, press, public relations, research and finances. At the meeting, political developments in Syria, the region and the world were evaluated and their effects on Kurdistan discussed. Finally, we have determined a two-month plan for our party work.

Especially since the 3rd Congress of the Movement for a Democratic Society (TEV-DEM), our party has been continuing work to develop its role in democratic politics and the organizational system. The aim of our party is to work together with the population through projects and programs. In addition, our local party congresses are to take place in various locations, districts and cantons by the end of the year.

Occupation of Afrin

At our meeting, the occupation of Afrin by the Turkish army and its militias was discussed. The liberation of Afrin was declared the most important task of the Kurdish population in Syria, of all democratic and secular forces, as well as of our party. At our meeting, it was made clear that a victory over the Turkish army and its gangs in Afrin would also be the end of the Turkish occupation in Syria. This, in turn, would play a key role in resolving the crisis in Syria.

We also welcomed at our meeting the work of the Syrian Democratic Council (MSD) to form an autonomous administration in Eastern-Northern Syria. This step was considered as the most active contribution to the realization of the dreams of the Syrian peoples for democracy. With this system, the three Democratic Autonomous Administrations and the four civilian administrations are to come together under one roof, thus creating an administration that guarantees the protection of all cultures.

The meeting reiterated our support for the People's and Women's Defense Units (YPG / YPJ) and the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF). These forces defend not only the peoples of Syria and the Kurdish people but also the values of humanity and peace in the world. In this sense, the last stage of Operation Cizirê Storm was saluted. This operation was described as an important step towards a democratic solution in the now eight-year Syrian crisis.

We support the talks with Damascus

The participants of our meeting considered the talks between the Syrian Democratic Council and the regime in Damascus to be a positive development. It was made clear that only dialogue can lead to a solution to the Syrian crisis. By contrast, military options and threats could only lead to further discord within the Syrian population. Although the talks have not yet delivered the desired results, our party has expressed its full support for a result-oriented dialogue leading to the development of a decentralized Syria.

The plans of Turkey in Idlib

The Idlib issue was also discussed at our meeting. It was made clear that the Idlib region is under the occupation of the Al-Nusra Front and other Islamist groups tied to Turkey. It was emphasized that Turkey intends to divide Syria by legitimizing its occupation in Idlib."

Kurdish National Congress

At the meeting, it was separately pointed out that our party should avert the factors that constitute an obstacle to the realization of Kurdish National Congress. It was emphasized that with this congress, the demands of our people in all parts (of Kurdistan) would be met, for which reason all Kurdish parties and democratic forces should keep away from contradictions and ensure unity, as the Kurdish National Congress will play a key role in ensuring peace and democratization in the Middle East.”