Rally for Öcalan surrounded by the police in Leipzig

In Leipzig, a rally for the freedom of Abdullah Öcalan was surrounded by police, and participants were subjected to an identity check.

In the German city of Leipzig dozens who participated in a rally for the freedom of the Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan were surrounded by police on Sunday. The activists, including several young people and Tahir Köçer, co-chair of the nationwide Kurdish umbrella organization KON-MED, were subjected to identity checks and searches for. In explanation of the obviously politically motivated repressive measure, the police stated that the demonstration was not permitted under the Coronavirus Protection Ordinance of the state of Saxony.

The Kurdish community planned two rallies in Leipzig for today. First, as part of the day of action against the 1993 ban on activity against the Kurdish Workers' Party (PKK), which was initiated by the initiative "Our Utopia against your Repression", a rally was held at Willy-Brand-Platz at Leipzig Central Station. Many of the approximately 150 people had brought flags in the Kurdish colors green, red and yellow, and some creative banners decorated the square. Tahir Köçer emphasized in a speech that the criminalization of the Kurdish liberation movement lacked any legitimacy and that the PKK ban must be lifted.

The second rally was to take place from 3 pm on the market square. Seyda Perincek and Koma Arîn were to provide the musical program. But on the way there, about eighty people were cuffed for the determination of their personal details. The police also took portraits of the people who were encircled. The persons concerned are now facing a fine of 150 euros for participating in an allegedly illegal meeting under the Coronavirus Protection Ordinance.