Seriously ill prisoner released from jail after 30 years

Abdulhalim Kırtay, one of the seriously ill prisoners on the IHD list, was released from jail after 30 years.

Abdulhalim Kırtay, one of the seriously ill prisoners on the list of the Human Rights Association (IHD), was released after 30 years. He was detained in the Farqîn (Silvan) district of Amed in 1993 and then tried at the State Security Court (DGM). He was sentenced to 36 years in prison for "threatening the unity and integrity of the state". Having completed 30 years, three quarters of his sentence, Kırtay was released from the Balıkesir Burhaniye T Type. Relatives living in Yalova welcomed him in front of the prison. Kırtay is so ill that he could barely stand up.

During his stay, Kırtay stayed in prisons in Rize, Siirt, Van, Amed, Batman, Kırklareli, Yozgat, Antep, and Izmir.

Many calls to release him went unanswered

Severely ill prisoner Kırtay was last treated at İzmir Menemen State Hospital in November 2022. Although his condition was reported to be serious, Kırtay was hospitalized in handcuffs for 4 days while he was being treated, and was subjected to ill-treatment.

Kırtay's daughter, Herdem Merwanî, said that they learned that her father would be released when a prisoner called her family on the phone and said: "Our relatives living in Istanbul and Yalova went to wait for my father. The news of my father's release after 30 years is like a dream for us. 30 years is not a short time. It is a lifetime. We were little kids when my father was arrested. We didn’t live our childhood because my father was taken from us, we could not hug him, we only had short phone calls.”