Sick prisoner Ayık warns of more deaths in jails

Devrim Ayık, an ill prisoner held in Eskişehir Prison, denounced right violations in prison and warned of possible death cases.

Seriously ill prisoner Devrim Ayık, a former employee of the Özgür Halk Journal, who has been held in Eskişehir H-type Closed Prison, talked about rights violations in prison during a phone call with his family. Ayık, who was sentenced to prison on the allegation of “membership in a terrorist organisation”, and who entirely lost his right eye because of an accident in 2006, is suffering from Crohn, a kind of bowel disease, and he is near-sighted in his left eye. 

‘We face serious rights violations’

Stating that the prison management and warders impose roll-call on prisoners and violate the fundamental rights of prisoners, Ayık said, “If something happens to us, the prison management and warders should be called responsible. We call on our people to enhance the struggle to raise the voice of prisoners.” Ayık warned, “Many of our friends in prison died due to health problems and torture. If the pressure and attacks continue, it is very possible that there will be deaths in Eskişehir Prison, too.”