Sick prisoner operated on without anesthesia

Sick prisoner Cemil Ivrendi announced that he was operated on without being given anesthetics in the Tarsus Public Hospital where he was sent by the Prison Infirmary. Ivrendi said, “They are killing us slowly.”

56-year-old sick prisoner Cemil Ivrendi, held in the Mersin-Tarsus Type T Closed Prison No.1 sent a letter to the Human Rights Association’s (İnsan Hakları Derneği - İHD) Ankara chapter about his health issues and the attitude he was faced with during the treatment.

Ivrendi has stayed in 15 different prisons since 1994 when he was first incarcerated.

Ivrendi was already experiencing coronary failure when an anal fistula developed in his body.

Ivrendi said the fistula swelled up and ruptured again in 2017, and that he had an operation in the Eskişehir Public Hospital on September 11, 2017 but the issue didn’t go away.


In the Tarsus Prison where he was transferred to most recently, Ivrendi was taken to the Tarsus Public Hospital when the fistula ruptured once more on May 18. Ivrendi wrote the following on the treatment he faced in the hospital: “This was the first time I faced a really bad situation. The doctor came, and just cut into my skin without any anesthetics. I was vivisected. I’m still trying to dress my wound myself.”

Ivrendi’s appeals to be released have been rejected, and he was forced to get a consultation in handcuffs.


The sick prisoner Cemil Ivrendi concluded his letter with: “I would prefer an active or practical euthanasia to this situation, a thousand times. At least I would die once, but these people are killing us slowly.”