Solidarity Initiative with Dağ and Er meets Amnesty International

The Solidarity Initiative met with Amnesty International Switzerland branch to demand a repeal of the death penalty on Mazlum Dağ and Abdurrahman Er in Southern Kurdistan, Northern Iraq.

Solidarity Initiative with Dağ and Er paid a visit to Amnesty International Switzerland branch officials in an attempt to repeal the death sentence given by the Hewler Administration for the two young Kurdish men.

The ‘Solidarity Initiative with Dağ and Er’ called attention to the urgent case of Mazlum Dağ and Abdurrahman Er, who were sentenced to death on 17 July 2019 in the city of Hewlêr [Erbil] in South Kurdistan and held a meeting in Bern, Switzerland, demanding that Amnesty International take immediate action.

A delegation of the Solidarity Initiative comprising members Demir Çelik and Nejdet Atalay and a family member Er called on Amnesty International to act as soon as possible against the death penalty and participate in the signature campaign.

The representative of Amnesty International revealed that they sent a letter to the South Kurdistan administration to repeal the death sentence and stated that they will follow up the case.

The delegation also submitted a dossier to the Amnesty International representative.

The "Solidarity Initiative with Dağ and Er’ will hold an action against the death sentence in Helvetiaplatz in Bern, Switzerland on December 16, and will submit a dossier to Bern Representative of the Iraqi Regional Kurdish Administration in a meeting.