Tuncel says women in Sincan to refuse food for 3 days to protest situation of ill prisoners

Imprisoned politician Sebahat Tuncel said that they will refuse food for 3 days to protest the violations of rights of seriously ill prisoners.

Sebahat Tuncel, former co-chair of the Democratic Regions Party (DBP), made statements at the 31st hearing of the Kobanê Case, and said that the prisoners and Sincan Women’s Closed jail will be protesting the violations of rights of seriously ill prisoners. Tuncel talked about prisoner Şakir Turan, who was held in Erzincan L Type Prison and died on 30 August in the hospital where he was finally transferred to be treated for throat cancer.

Tuncel said that women prisoners will refuse food for 3 days in solidarity with ill prisoners.

“Today, the oppression and torture of dissidents, democrats, but mostly Kurds in Turkey's prisons has reached fascistic levels. This is how dozens of Kurdish political prisoners have died in the last two years.

Dozens of laws were passed to allow the mafia, Ergenekon and Hezbollah supporters to be released from prison. As if that was not enough, rapists were also released from prison. On the other hand, Kurdish political prisoners remained in jail and more were arrested. And when they are up for parole, they are denied release. Even the right to hope is denied. In addition, the bodies of dozens of ill prisoners came out of jail, which made one think that Kurds are only to come out of prison dead. The authorities continue to issue reports saying that ill prisoners can remain in jail when all medical reports state the contrary. Moreover, seriously ill prisoners are not even given the 'right to say goodbye' to their loved ones and relatives.”

Call to people

Tuncel spoke about the death of 70-year-old prisoner Şakir Turan, who was held in Erzincan. “Turan suffered from cancer, yet was not released from prison. We, as political prisoners in Sincan prison, would like to pay tribute to all the prison martyrs in the person of Şakir Turan. As from today [Tuesday 5 September] we will be carrying out an action to protest the situation of ill prisoners. We will refuse food for 3 days in order to stop this torture and deaths. We call on the public to be sensitive to what is happening in the prisons.”