UPOTUDAK: Isolation is a crime against humanity

The International Committee of Solidarity with Political Prisoners organized a protest in London to expose the situation of ill prisoners.

A press conference was held in front of the Wood Green Library in London. The action was organized by the International Committee of Solidarity with Political Prisoners (UPOTUDAK) and supported by the Kurdish People's Assembly, Tohum Cultural Center and Gül-Der.

Activists carried banners reading: "Freedom for Öcalan, political solution to the Kurdish problem" and "Freedom for sick prisoners, struggle against isolation".

Anti-isolation slogans were chanted at the protest, where photographs of ill prisoners were carried. Ali Poyraz on behalf of KHM, Helin Peköz on behalf of Gik-Der and Apo Gürlek on behalf of Tohum KM addressed the crowd.

The activists underlined that the isolation is a crime against humanity and that the isolation in Imrali should be ended immediately.

Activists also demanded freedom for the political prisoners and said that the Turkish state's systematic system of oppression and torture continued.

The silence of international institutions against the lawlessness of the Turkish state was protested and activists said that prisons have turned into “houses of torture, rape and death,” and added that ill prisoners are denied treatment and are not released.

Activists also underlined the fact that revolutionary prisoners are resisting these attacks, and said: "Our struggle will continue to support the resistance carried out by the prisoners and will hold the Turkish government accountable for whatever happens to prisoners."