Women prisoners expose rights violations in Tarsus jail

Berfin Doğan, a prisoner in Tarsus Women's Closed Prison, announced that her health, nutrition and communication rights were denied.

Berfin Doğan, a prisoner in Mersin Tarsus Women’s Closed Prison, talked about the rights violations they experienced in a weekly phone call with her family.

Doğan said that 13 people stay in one ward, 3 people were given meals with low nutritional value, and their correspondence was prevented.

Doğan added that those who were taken to the hospital due to health problems were kept in solitary cells on their return. Because of this, prisoners who were seriously ill refrained from going to the hospital. She also added that the medicines prescribed by the doctor were not given to her.

Doğan said: “I have been living with nosebleeds for months. I petitioned the administration for a referral to the hospital but didn’t get any answer."

Berfin Doğan also said that, although they can buy cleaning and other hygiene items from the canteen, these are sold at exorbitant prices.