Yusuf Aydın released after 30 years in prison

Yusuf Aydın was released from Izmir Aliağa Şakran No. 1 T Type Closed Prison after 30 years. He said: “We paid a great price. We still continue to pay a great price."

Yusuf Aydın was remanded in custody after being detained in the Bayraklı district of Izmir in 1993. Aydın was brought to the military court of the period and sentenced to life imprisonment.

Aydin was 32 years old when he was put in prison. He remained in Buca, Aydın, Bolu and Buca Kırıklar prisons during his long detention.

Aydın was released from Şakran T Type Closed Prison and was welcomed in front of the prison by his family and relatives, as well as the administrators of the Aegean Assistance and Solidarity Association with Detainee and Convict Families (EGE-TUHAYDER).

Aydın then went to his home in the neighbourhood of Yamanlar in Bayraklı, where he was welcomed by a large crowd.

Doves, symbols of peace, were flown into the air for Aydın. In his short speech during the welcome, Aydın said: "We paid a great price. We still continue to pay a great price. I am excited to be released, but I am sorry for the friends I left behind. I am saddened to leave behind my friends with whom I fought for years. It is difficult to express my feelings. Whatever I say would be incomplete."