11 Turkish soldiers killed in Heftanin and Xakurke

Eight soldiers of the Turkish army were killed in Heftanin and two others in Xakurke.

People’s Defense Forces Press Office (HPG-BIM) announced the details of the actions carried out by guerrillas against Turkish military forces in southern Kurdistan, northern Iraq.

The press statement by HPG-BIM announced the results of the guerrilla actions in Heftanina and Xakurke as follows:

“As part of the Battle of Heftanin Revolutionary Campaign ongoing in Heftanin region of Medya Defense Zones, our YJA Star (Free Women’s Troops) guerrillas targeted the Turkish military units stationed on Hill Büyük Konferans at 14:20 on December 13. While the positions and shelters of the enemy were put under intense fire, eight soldiers were killed and two others wounded.

As part of the Martyr Bager and Martyr Ronya Revolutionary Campaign, our forces hit the Turkish army in Xakurke region of Medya Defense Zones. In this scope;

Our forces carried out an action targeting the invaders on Hill Martyr Axin at 14:30 on December 14. Effective strikes hit the positions and shelters of the enemy, while the number of casualties couldn’t be clarified.

At 15:45 on the same day, our forces targeted the enemy soldiers stationed on Hill Martyr Derweş, leaving three soldiers dead. The occupant Turkish army removed the dead and wounded soldiers from the scene with Sikorsky helicopters.”