13 Kurdish parties except the KDP form an electoral alliance in South Kurdistan

The alliance seeks for the Kurds to win the local election to take place in the disputed territories of southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq).

13 Kurdish parties except the KDP have formed an alliance for the local election to take place in the disputed regions of southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq).

The alliance formed in Kirkuk covers the disputed territories covered by Constitution Article-140, which lays down a clear road map to define the final boundaries of the territory to be administered by the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG).

The alliance aims for the Kurds to win the elections in the regions in question, mainly in Kirkuk.

A statement regarding the alliance stated that the local election would be contested with a joint list in the disputed territories of South Kurdistan. It called for those outside of the alliance to join it and to defend the Kurdish gains.

The alliance does not include the ruling KDP, which is known for its close relations and cooperation with the fascist AKP-MHP block of Turkey, and Yekgirtûya Îslamî (Islamic Union Movement).

The parties in the alliance are as follows:

– Tevgera Goran / Gorran Movement
– Tevgera Demokrat a Gelê Kurdistan / Kurdistan Democratic People's Movement
– Tevgera Azadî / Freedom Movement
– Partiya Kedkarên Kurdistanê / Kurdistan Proletarian Party
– Partiya Sosyal Demokrat a Kurdistanê / Kurdistan Social Democratic Party
– Partiya Gelê Turkmen / Turkmen People’s Party
– Partiya Komînîst a Kurdistanê / Kurdistan Communist Party
– Partiya Zehmetkêşan a Kurdistanê / Kurdistan Laborers’ Party
– Komeleya Dadgerî ya Kurdistanê / Kurdistan Community for Justice
– Hevpeymaniya Nîştîmaniya Kurdistanê / Kurdistan Patriots’ Alliance /Permanent Ruling
– Hevpeymaniya Nîştîmaniya Kurdistanê/ Kurdistan Patriots’ Alliance /Temporary Ruling
– Yekitiya Nîştîmaniya Kurdistanê / YNK / Patriotic Union of Kurdistan /PUK
– Yekitiya Neteweyî ya Demokratîk a Kurdistanê / Kurdistan Democratic National Alliance