13 Yazidis rescued from ISIS reunited with families

The 13 Yazidis rescued from ISIS gangs by the SDF have been reunited with their families.

The 13 Yazidis rescued by the SDF were reunited with their families in the PADE headquarters in Sinune, Shengal.

Cizire Canton Yazidi House handed over 13 Yazidis who had been rescued by the SDF and settled in the Hol Camp to the Shengal Democratic Autonomous Assembly Dilan Committee. The rescued Yazidis and the committee members then headed out to Shengal and arrived in Sinune in the afternoon.

Emotions ran high in the ceremony many Shengali people attended and the 13 Yazidis were reunited in the Sinune headquarters of the Yazidi Democracy and Freedom party (PADE).