25 young people join the Êzîdxan Asayish

25 people who graduated after the training at the Martyr Shengal Academy joined the Êzîdxan Asayish. Addressing the Yazidi youth, Ebdo Elî, from the Academy, said: “The Yazidi nation is entrusted to our youth. It is up to us to defend them."

25 people who graduated from the training organized at the Martyr Shengal Academy in memory of the Çilmêra Martyrs joined the Êzîdxan Public Order Forces on Thursday.

Speaking at the ceremony, Mehlo Hecî, from the Academy, said: “We paid a heavy price in 2023. Many of our commanders were martyred. However, today new members are joining us. The participation is the biggest answer to the enemies of Yazidis."

Ebdo Elî, also from the Academy, said that their aim is to defend the Yazidi community and Shengal and added: “Our door is open to all people with the values of  Yazidi society. In 2023, we paid great prices with martyrs Dîndar, Pîran, Çiya. Today, our young people have taken their place and are joining the Êzidxan Public Order Forces. We have nothing but our Shengal and our land. It is the land of our grandfathers and grandmothers; let's protect it. The Yazidi nation is entrusted to our youth; It is up to us to defend them. It is futile to expect others to defend us. If we do not protect ourselves, others will not protect us."

The news Asayish members started their duties after the oath ceremony.