4 YRK guerrillas martyred in Eastern Kurdistan

YRK Command announced that 4 guerrillas lost their lives in Mariwan and Hawraman regions in Eastern Kurdistan.

Eastern Kurdistan Units (YRK) Command published a statement on its official website.

According to the statement, Iranian regime forces received information and laid an ambush in the village of Dereziyanê in Mariwan on July 11. One guerrilla fell fighting during the ensuing clash in this area.

On the other hand, Iranian forces, again acting on information, attacked the defense positions of guerrilla forces in the region of Mount Şaho in Pawe city of Hawraman region on July 14.

The attack with heavy weaponry resulted in armed confrontation, which lasted six hours, and three guerrillas fell whilst fighting until the last bullet.

YRK Command said identities of the fallen guerrillas would be announced later on.