5 activists from Sheladize remain in prison despite court order for their release

Despite the court decision ordering the release of 5 activists from Sheladize, they are still in prison. The CPT announced that the fate of the 5 activists is not known.

The CPT issued a written statement about 5 activists in Sheladize. The statement said that Kovan Tarıq, Yusuf Şerif, Nêçîr Bedin, Mehmud Naci and Ehmed Rêkan, who were supposed to be released at the end of June, are still in detention and the CPT do not have reliable information about their situation.

In addition, the CPT condemned the detention of the 5 activists and said that they were concerned about their health status. They are held in Çaksazi prison in Gewran district of Hewler.

Activists have been held captive for 19 months and their trial was held on 16 May 2022. The court board sentenced each of the imprisoned activists to 2 years in prison for "aiding the PKK, forming an armed group and organizing protest demonstrations".

The prosecutor demanded the conditional release of the 5 imprisoned activists. According to the decision taken at the last hearing, the activists should have been released by the end of June, but this still didn’t happen.