50 young people from Rojava join the guerrilla ranks

On the basis of Komalên Ciwan's mobilization against Turkish invasion attacks, 50 young people from Rojava joined the guerrilla ranks.

In the 50th year of victory against the Turkish state and its collaborator KDP against southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq), 50 young men and women from Rojava declared their participation in the guerrilla ranks as part of the mobilization declared by Komalen Ciwan.


The statement by the young people included the following:

“In Kurdistan's mountains, the invading Turkish state and KDP are waging brutal attacks on the Kurdistan Freedom Guerrilla. For the past 50 years, the PKK's struggle has been the response to these attacks.

They are now trapped in the Kurdish mountains. They can neither fight nor flee from the guerrilla. It is just the PKK that is fighting for Kurdistan and the Kurdish people.

Every time they want to attack Kurds, they see the PKK in front of them. The PKK made itself a defence shield against the terror of the Turkish state and ISIS in Rojava Kurdistan, protecting the Rojava Revolution. Those who viewed themselves as a power in Shengal and South Kurdistan were defeated by ISIS, while the HPG and YJA-Star guerrillas rushed to the battlefields without asking for permission or waiting. For the Kurdish people, the Kurdistan freedom guerrilla is a symbol of survival and accomplishment. Within this, the invading Turkish state has this time turned its attention to the Kurdish mountains. The Turkish state and its ally KDP started invasion attacks on Avaşîn, Zap, and Metina on April 17, 2022. They employed all of the gangs, village guards, and techniques to commit genocide against the Kurds.

The attacks on Kurdistan's mountains should be seen as genocidal attacks on the Kurdish people. The Turkish state, backed by NATO and the KDP, is targeting the guerrilla in ways that violate international law. They use a variety of ways, including the use of chemical gas and prohibited munitions. Despite this, the Kurdistan Freedom Guerrilla and warriors of Leader Apo continue to fight selflessly and consistently against NATO forces, inflicting significant blows every day.

As Rojava youth, we face into Zap. No one, except the guerilla, defended the Kurdish people and homeland when ISIS assaulted Rojava and Shengal. As Rojava youth, we take the guerilla resistance as an example. We have reached our decision in this regard, and we take to the Kurdistan's mountains as part of the mobilization declared by the youth movement. We declare our participation in the guerilla ranks on this basis.

In the 50th year of victory, 50 young people from Rojavayê Kurdistanê are marching towards the liberated mountains. We invite all young Kurdish people to join us in this war for victory."