600 hectares of forest area in Lice burnt down

In Lice 600 hectares of forest have been burned down. After the fire brigade of the forcibly administered town refused to put out the fire, the population brought the fire under their own control.

A big fire broke out in Lice in Amed (Diyarbakır) province on Tuesday morning. The fire spread to an area of 600 hectares around the villages Derxust (Dibek), Sisê (Yolçatı), Cînezûr (Çağdaş), Cîmar and Henyat and reached the settlements. The fire brigade refused to take action against the fire on the pretext that it was a mountainous area. The population then took the initiative and extinguished the fire themselves.

Due to the late intervention, 600 hectares of forest were completely destroyed by the fire. Smoke continues to rise above the area. Whether the fire was started by the military or whether it started for another reason is still unclear.