98% disabled Kurdish man arrested in Mardin

Serdal Yildirim, who is 98% disabled, has been arrested after his 12 year sentence was approved.

Serdal Yildirim, a 98% disabled Kurdish man who lives in Mardin’s Kiziltepe district with his family, was detained in a dawn house raid on December 30 and consequently arrested.

Yildirim was put on trial in 2016, and was sentenced to 12 years in prison for “membership to a terrorist organization” and “recruiting for a terrorist organization”  before the year was out.

Yildirim’s sentence has been approved by the Supreme Court, and he was sent to the Mardin Type E Closed Prison in his wheelchair.


Lawyer Erdal Kuzu pointed out that Yildirim had been arrested on witness testimony. Kuzu said Yildirim is unable to tend to his own needs alone: “He sees to his needs with help from others in the ward. He is in no condition to stay in prison. We have submitted the necessary appeals to the Execution Prosecutor, we are waiting for a response. He should be released in the coming days. There is nothing humane about keeping a man in his condition in prison.”