Êzidxan Asayish statement on the attack in Shengal

Êzidxan Asayish announced that the attack on the vehicle of a group of Yazidi journalists in Shengal was carried out by the occupying Turkish state.

The vehicle of journalists who went to Til Qeseb town of Shengal to conduct interviews on the 10th anniversary of the 3 August 2014 genocide was attacked in the centre of Shengal on their way back.

Following an investigation at the scene, the Êzidxan Asayish, the local Yazidi security force, announced that the attack was carried out by the Turkish state. Êzidxan Asayish stated that Çira TV reporter Medya Hasan Kemal, Çira FM reporter Murat Mirza Ibrahim and vehicle driver Xelef Xidir, along with 3 other people who were at the scene and whose identities have not yet been identified, were injured in the attack. 

It was reported that Çira FM reporter Murat Mirza Ibrahim is a long-time worker of the Free Press and that the fate of one of his brothers, who was kidnapped by ISIS during the genocide of 3 August 2014, is still unknown, while one of his sisters was rescued later.