Actions in Avasin, Xakurke and Cele: 8 soldiers killed

8 soldiers were killed in actions by HPG/YJA Star guerrillas in Avasin, Xakurke and Cele as far as could be ascertained.

HPG Press Center announced that the guerrilla carried out actions against the invading Turkish army as part of the Martyr Bager and Martyr Ronya Revolutionary Move in the Medya Defense Zones. The following details were provided:

“On June 23, our forces took a Turkish army unit positioned on the Tepe Xwede area in Avasin under surveillance, and at 14:20 the next day the unit was hit effectively. The position the enemy was using was destroyed and 5 soldiers were killed. 5 others were wounded. The Turkish army received heavy blows and bombed the surroundings with Howitzers, mortars and tanks. The unit carrying out the action has reached their base grounds safely.

On June 24 at 02:00, our forces carried out an assassination action against the operation units of the invading Turkish army positioned on the Martyr Sarya Hill in the Xakurke region. 1 soldier was killed in the action.


On June 24 at 08:00 our forces carried out an action against the operation units of the invading Turkish army in the Stuna area in Hakkari’s Cele (Cukurca) district. Enemy soldiers trying to secure the road to Stuna Hill were targeted by our forces in the zavite strait. The enemy unit was hit effectively and 2 soldiers were killed.


On June 12, the invading Turkish army launched an operation against the Omerya area in Mardin’s Nusaybin district. The invasion forces bombed the operation grounds intensely with helicopters and fighter jets. 2 of our comrades were martyred in these bombings. The identities of our comrades will be shared with the public at a later date.