Arab Council of Shengal condemns Turkish attack, calls on Iraq to defend its sovereignty

Iraqi military officials inspected the bombed house after the Turkish drone attack in Shengal. The Arab Council of Shengal condemns the attack and calls on the Iraqi state to defend its sovereignty against Turkey.

An armed drone of the Turkish state bombed a house in the Shengal region early this morning. The attack occurred in the village of Xelef, in Barê hamlet near Khanasor (Xanesor). According to information from the region, the house was destroyed, and no people were killed. The bombed house was inspected by Iraqi military officials, but no official statement was made.

In a statement issued at the site, the Arab Council of Shengal condemned the attack and called on the Iraqi state to defend its territorial sovereignty.

The Arab Council of Shengal said: "This place bombed by the Turkish state is a civilian residential area in a village near Khanasor. As all can testify, families are being attacked. This is preventing the return of displaced people. It is a political issue involving several political parties. As the people of Shengal, with its Arab, Kurdish, Yazidi and other populations, we live like one family on this land. We have created a small Iraq on the soil of Shengal and hope that Iraq will take Shengal as an example.

As Arab people, we demand that international institutions and leaders raise their voices against these attacks. The Turkish state has bombed Shengal and its people several times and nobody says anything about it. We do not consider these attacks as independent from the 74th genocide against the Yazidi community. We demand again from the Iraqi state to close its airspace to Turkey. As Arabs, we condemn this attack on the Yazidi people and appeal to the Iraqi state to defend its sovereignty."