Arab guerrilla: We are fighting in the ranks of the PKK for a free life

Rênas Cûdî, one of the Arab guerrillas in the HPG, stated that they are fighting in the ranks of the PKK for a free life, saying, "No one can stand against the will of our peoples."

HPG guerrilla Rênas Cûdî was born in a village in Hesekê. He got to know the PKK in 2014. Cûdî, who experienced the oppression and persecution of the Damascus regime on the one hand and the ISIS gang on the other, spoke to ANF and said, "We realised that the life offered by the PKK is different from the imposed slavery. There is no oppression of the people, no games of the capitalist system. Therefore, I decided to join the ranks of the revolution. My participation had very positive effects on my personality."

I grew stronger in the mountains

Cûdî noted that there were, of course, some difficulties at the beginning, but these were overcome with training. "I was very impressed by the personalities of my fellow cadres and decided to become a cadre in 2022. I was influenced by many things, especially Rêber Apo's (Leader Abdullah Öcalan’s) ideas and the martyrs who sacrificed their lives for their country. My goal was to go to the mountains of Kurdistan, and I became more conscious and stronger after my participation in the struggle. This was due to the spirit of comradeship here as well as the power of the spirituality that exists. For this reason, I will increase my struggle even more."

The Turkish state will not get results

Rênas Cûdî pointed out that the occupying Turkish state even used chemical weapons against the guerrillas, and that the states did not raise a voice even though they knew this.

The HPG guerrilla continued: "Our comrades are enhancing their resistance against these attacks. The enemy wants to break the will of the people and spread its occupation, but it will not get results from its attacks. Kurdish, Arab and all peoples are in favour of co-existence. No one can stand against the will of our people, who have promised to continue this revolution and will keep it going until the end. Very important results have been achieved through this struggle which is based on Rêber Apo's philosophy."

Young people should try to get to know the PKK better

"If we do not struggle with our soul and body, we cannot reach the truth" said Rênas Cûdî and emphasised that they will remain committed to the goal of living freely and together. The HPG guerrilla remarked that Kurdish and Arab peoples should act together in a democratic way and appealed to all young people: "Get to know the PKK better and join the ranks. The Arab people need to read and recognise the spirit, thoughts and struggle of the Freedom Movement. I call on young people to join the guerrilla ranks."