Background to the troops deployment in South Kurdistan

The Erdoğan government is using the instability in Iraq to include Baghdad alongside the KDP in the war against the Kurdish freedom movement. The Barzani private army acts as an Iraqi border protection unit in guerrilla territory.

The Turkish state is waging war against the Kurdish freedom movement and is preparing a new invasion attempt by exploiting the political and military gaps in the Iraq, Iran and Syria equation.

Turkey is pursuing a policy of occupation, plunder and annexation everywhere in Kurdistan and, in this context, is trying to include the KDP and the Iraqi state into this policy by exploiting the existing balance of power in the region. The conflicts between the US and Iran are reflected in Iraq; the country, including the Kurdistan region, is economically and administratively unstable. The Turkish state wants to use the conflicts and contradictions between the various centers of power in Iraq to destroy the Kurdish freedom movement.

Over the past nine weeks, the Erdoğan government has increased its political and diplomatic initiatives. High-level talks took place in Ankara, Baghdad and Hewlêr (Erbil). The main topic of all the discussions was the politics against the Kurdish struggle for freedom. These meetings took place with the participation of foreign ministers, defense ministers and intelligence chiefs. Turkish intelligence chief Ibrahim Kalın was in Baghdad on 23 January and in Hewlêr on 28 January. Defense Minister Yaşar Güler and Chief of General Staff Metin Gürak then visited Baghdad and then Hewlêr on 6 and 7 February and met Iraqi President Abdullatif Rashid and Prime Minister Mohammad Shia Sudani as well as the Barzani clan as well as Shiite, Sunni and Turkmen representatives. Most recently, a delegation led by Hashd al-Shaabi leader Fatih al-Fayyad met with Turkish Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan in Ankara.

After these developments, the military was sent to the guerrilla areas in South Kurdistan in the last few days. Officially, these are Iraqi border guard units, but other information is coming from the region and talk about troops deployed in Duhok Governorate as being exclusively units of the private army of the Barzani clan, including the KDP Secret Service Parastin. The units operate under the Iraqi flag in order not to provoke a reaction from the people of the region. Video footage shows an intensive military deployment in the area around the village of Sîta and the Rêkan area near Şîladizê. The KDP troops are advancing into the region occupied by the Turkish army as Iraqi border guard units.

The KDP's cooperation with the Turkish state was met with rejection by the population. Many circles have called on the KDP to abandon this stance. But despite all the warnings, the Barzanis continue to act together with the Erdoğan regime, thereby endangering the achievements of the Kurdish people in South Kurdistan.

Recent political and economic developments make the parameters of this situation clear. There has been no stability in Iraq since the 2003 war, and this situation has the same significance as the system tried to be implemented in South Kurdistan for twenty years. With its policy pursued jointly with the Turkish state, the KDP is bringing the future of South Kurdistan to a dead end. The emerging picture is causing great unease among the population.