Bawer Deyndar, the selfless commander of the Cîloya Biçûk resistance

Bawer Deyndar, the selfless commander of the Cîloya Biçûk resistance, who became one of the symbols of the Bazên Zagrosê Revolutionary Campaign with his heroism, became a torch of struggle for his comrades and the Kurdish people.

In 2021, in the evening connecting the night of 23 April to 24 April, the enemy once again turned its direction to the Zagros Mountains. That evening, the Turkish army shelled and bombarded the Avashîn area intensively and airdropped its soldiers in the area. Kurdistan Freedom Guerrillas put up great resistance against these attacks. One of the places the Turkish army sought to attack was the Cîloya Biçûk area in the Zap region. Guerrilla Bawer Deyndar (Umut Han) was the commander of the Cîloya Biçûk region. He was leading his comrades in the resistance in this area.

Bawer Deyndar was born in 1994 in Gimgim (Varto) district of Muş to a patriotic family.  As Bawer's birth was a hope of life for the family, they named him Umut (the Turkish word for ‘hope’). Once Umut grew up and found his way, he would become the hope of Kurdistan. Bawer, who grew up with Kurdish culture and patriotic values in his childhood, became one of the children of resistance on the streets. Although he was a successful student, he dropped out of high school due to the contradictions he experienced in the system and started to fight against the enemy's attacks on the Kurdish people by taking part in the youth struggle.

Bawer and his family, who participated in protests and civil disobedience actions against the occupying Turkish state, were attacked by the enemy many times. As a result of these attacks, Bawer was arrested and tortured in the dungeons of the enemy for 6 months. During the times of self-government resistance in every part of Northern Kurdistan, he experienced the brutal attacks of the enemy against Kurdish youth and people. He decided that it was time to take revenge, and, with this decision he set off for the mountains of Kurdistan. With great conviction, he joined the guerrilla ranks and took the name Bawer.

The mountains of Qandil, the identity of the Freedom Movement, did not only open their doors to a new fighter, but also introduced Bawer to the passion for freedom. Bawer fell in love with free Kurdistan and once again witnessed the greatness of the PKK.

PKK militants are the people of belief. Guerrilla Bawer, taking the great resistance fighter Kemal Pir, one of the PKK's leading cadres, as an example, moved to the Zagros area after Qandil. In 2019, he became a unit commander in the Zap region and took part in many actions against the enemy. He escaped death in many battles and chose life. Bawer Deyndar, whose anger against the enemy grew day by day, won the love of his comrades with his courage and decisive stance.

In the reality of the PKK, a commander is someone who thinks correctly, makes the right decisions and lives correctly according to the needs of the moment. Accordingly, every moment of Commander Bawer was full of correct thoughts, correct expressions and creations. The beauty of Bawer's face and heart came from the love of comradeship, the joy of living and commitment to the goal. Bawer commanded Cîloya Biçûk, where he prepared himself and his comrades for tunnel battles and organised movements and actions on the ground.

The criteria of war commanders are embodied in Bawer's revolutionary character. He set an example as a commander of the new-era guerrilla for victory. He patiently and foresightedly resisted the enemy in the war tunnels in Cîloyê Biçûk and defeated the enemy with new tactics. He did not leave the attacks on Avaşîn and Zap unanswered. Always making new action plans, Commander Bawer took part in many actions in which great blows were dealt to the Turkish army. Leading the offensive actions with great courage and the Apoist spirit of self-sacrifice, Bawer successfully played his role in the actions.

Commander Bawer, who became one of the symbols of the Bazên Zagrosê (Hawks of Zagros) Revolutionary Campaign with his heroism, remained at the fore of the war front from the first day against the annihilation-oriented attacks developed by the Turkish state. On 26 April 2021, he was again at the forefront in the action directed against the invaders positioned on the slopes of Şehîd Serxwebûn Hill in the Zap region. This time he was seriously wounded in the clashes. Taken to a safe place by his comrades, Commander Bawer joined the caravan of martyrs on 3 May 2021 as one of the thousands of heroes of Kurdistan.