Besê Hozat: A coalition led by HDP will democratize Turkey and lead it to a free and just future

KCK Executive Council Co-Chair Besê said that "the coalition led by the HDP will democratize Turkey and lead it to a free, equal and just future."

In the third part of Yeni Ozgur Political's interview, the KCK Executive Council Co-chair Besê Hozat speaks about the attempts to close the HDP and said that "the coalition led by the HDP will democratize Turkey and lead it to a free, equal and just future."

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At the same time as the occupation attacks, which are taking place under the leadership of the AKP-MHP, both the government and the opposition of Turkey seem to be planning a future without Kurds, but without openly stating this. In parallel, the HDP ban is still being discussed. What kind of policy stands behind all this?

The policy that aims at genocide against the Kurds is a policy of the [Turkish] state. This is a policy that the state has taken to a whole new level when the AKP came to power on the basis of a Turkish-Islamic synthesis. For the genocide of the Kurds, the state has created an alliance between religious fanaticism and racist nationalism and involved both in power. This coalition based on religious racist nationalism is the most brutal and dangerous government since the founding of Turkey. It is a genocidal, racist and deeply black fascism. This fascism aims to complete the genocide of the Kurds in order to ultimately destroy all revolutionary and democratic dynamics in Turkey.

The banning of the HDP is a part of this attempt to carry out the Kurdish genocide and to establish a fascist dictatorship. Thus, the HDP ban is to be enforced as part of the comprehensive genocidal plan against the Kurds. The CHP, İyi Parti, Deva, Gelecek Parti and all other state parties - that is, all forces outside the democratic opposition - are silent about all the political and military attacks. Because they support these attacks. All these state parties want the Kurdistan Freedom Movement to be crushed and the genocide against the Kurds to succeed. If this were not the case, they would take serious steps to solve the Kurdish question, take a clear stand against the HDP ban, and give the HDP their full support. They would openly take a stand against the political genocide operations and resist all the attacks. In the same way, they would not defend [Abdullah Öcalan's] isolation on Imrali and would not support the occupation attacks.

It is obvious what kind of policy the fascist AKP-MHP government is pursuing by trying to ban the HDP. By removing the obstacle that the HDP represents for it and crushing all democratic dynamics, it wants to establish a constitutionally secured fascist dictatorship. If with the HDP the strongest democratic opposition party is eliminated, there will be no more obstacles in the way of the fascist AKP-MHP dictatorship. In order to prevent this, the democratic opposition must unite all its forces and strengthen its common struggle. All institutions, organizations, circles and individuals who see themselves as leftist, socialist, revolutionary and democratic must support the HDP and form a democratic struggle alliance together with it. These steps are indispensable if a democratic future for Turkey is to be secured. Therefore, the Sol Parti [`Left Party`] and the TKP [`Communist Party of Turkey`] must reconsider their current stance and join the democratic alliance. Due to their divided stance, the democratic forces have so far failed to generate strong synergistic forces. The fascist AKP-MHP government benefits from this divided and frayed attitude of the democratic forces.

As usual, the CHP plays the prop for the AKP-MHP government. It is increasingly becoming a new İyi Parti. Just as the AKP has completely evolved into a second MHP, the CHP is increasingly becoming another İyi Parti. The `National Coalition` [Millet İttifakı] is significantly shaped by the mentality and politics of the İyi Parti. This coalition fights against the `Republican Coalition` [`Cumhur İttifakı`] by copying its mentality, policies, expressions and methods. Thus, both coalitions are increasingly becoming two identical twins. These two coalitions united in spirit have nothing to offer to the peoples of Turkey except harm and bad. A 'National Coalition' that is afraid of supporting the HDP and does not consider this to be in its interest does not stand on the side of the peoples, but is the extended arm of the fascist AKP-MHP government.

The solution lies in the 'Democracy Coalition'. This coalition, led by the HDP, is capable of democratizing Turkey and leading it to a free, equal and just future. The more the `Democracy Coalition` gains strength, the faster fascism, which is already in the process of collapse, will fall. Neither by banning the HDP, nor by occupying Zap, this fascist government will be able to protect itself.

Among the most important issues currently being discussed in Turkey are the economic crisis and possible new elections. The population in western Turkey has been put in a position where it is practically oblivious to the war that is going on in Kurdistan. How should we understand the political-economic crisis in the country, as well as the either statist or apolitical attitude of the Turkish population regarding the war?

A significant part of Turkey's society is under the influence of racist-nationalist politics and propaganda. This part of society has been poisoned by this rhetoric. It has lost its common sense and clear thinking ability. This part of the population agrees with the anti-Kurdish policies and genocidal attacks. These people understand the hostility and all the injustices perpetrated against the Kurds as necessary and legitimate. So, we are dealing with a social structure that was built according to the genocidal-colonialist state ideology. The fascist government and the statist opposition promote this continuously. The main argument for the spread of nationalism in Turkey's society is the hostility towards Kurds, Armenians, Greeks and Alevis. These genocidal ideological arguments are constantly kept alive in a certain section of society thus turning these people into a fundamental support of the fascist state and the current government. These people are turned into fascists and lose all their social characteristics. This part of society does not perceive in the least the enormous destruction and pain caused by the war in Kurdistan. Instead, they applaud from afar and demand more and more war. Those who are best at waging war against the Kurds are rewarded by keeping them in power or bringing them to power.

There is no doubt that an important part of Turkey's society wants democracy, freedom and justice. But while a strong struggle is essential for this, this section of society has a leadership problem and therefore falls silent in the face of the intense repression. The society groans under hunger and poverty. It does not recognize clearly enough that the absence of democracy, freedom and justice and the economic crisis are a result of the war policies. The democratic opposition does not succeed sufficiently in explaining this to society. Because of this situation, a sufficiently strong social struggle against the war policy does not emerge.

Turkey is using all its resources for the war against the Kurds. Thus, the genocidal war against the Kurdish people is the decisive reason for the economic crisis in the country. Billions are being made available for the war budget. While the peoples of Turkey suffer massively from hunger and poverty, the government of the country tries to keep itself in power through war, oppression and tyranny. The fascist government draws its strength from the society that suffers from destruction, poverty and hopelessness. Through the special warfare, a blind, dumbed-down and herd-like mass has been created in Turkey. It is called a society, but it is rather a mass of people who have been completely deprived of their social characteristics. This mass considers various forms of humiliation, tyranny, hunger and poverty as its destiny and as a kind of test. Through their slave-like attitude, they transform themselves into a source from which the fascist government draws its strength. It is simply impossible for a community that has fallen into such a state to perceive the genocidal war against the Kurdish people and take a stand against it.

At the same time, enormous ecological destruction is also taking place in Kurdistan and Turkey. This is a part of the genocidal attacks. The society of Turkey is simply watching these events. Although not at the same level as in Kurdistan, ecological destruction has now reached frightening levels in Turkey. The fascist government has made the entire nature of the country available for plundering. It is drying up the country's rivers with dams and clearing the forests for mining. All this represents a huge war against society and nature. But society's attention and struggle against these developments are extremely weak. Again, the special war has poisoned society.

Without a doubt, important parts of the society cannot be taken in by the special war of the fascist state and government. An enormous social struggle is taking place. If the effect of the special psychological warfare against the society of Turkey is broken and the society is resolutely led, an enormous social resistance will come to light. Therefore, it is extremely important that the democratic opposition reaches all parts of the society, organizes the society through local works and mobilizes it to fight against fascism. In the current phase, all this is indispensable. The democratic potential of the society of Turkey is huge. The problem is to organize and activate this potential. As soon as this succeeds, the fascist AKP-MHP government will fall and the way for the democratization of the country will be paved. Then Önder Apo [Abdullah Öcalan] will achieve his physical freedom and all the problems of Turkey regarding freedom, democracy, justice and economy will be solved, especially the Kurdish question.

The Kurdistan Freedom Movement has repeatedly made statements regarding the war that has recently begun, while the Kurdistan guerrilla forces are providing practical responses to the attacks on the front lines. What can the Kurdish population in Europe in particular and the Kurdish youth living there do?

The guerrilla is offering a truly heroic resistance to the occupation carried out by the genocidal and colonialist Turkish state. It is filled with an Apoist-selfless spirit and keeps dealing heavy blows to the occupying army. In the course of the resistance in Zap and Avaşîn, very valuable comrades of ours have fallen as Şehits. I would like to take this opportunity to remember these valuable comrades and all other freedom Şehits with respect, love and gratitude. And I respectfully and lovingly salute all those friends who are resisting today with a truly superhuman will. The YJA-Star guerrilla is very actively and successfully participating in the current resistance in Zap and Avaşîn, just as it did previously in 2020 and 2021 in the areas of Heftanîn, Metîna, Zap and Avaşîn. The YJA-Star guerrilla forces have carried out many successful attacks in the course of this resistance. The women guerrilla forces are increasing the quality and success of the resistance through their skills, discipline and military performance. This is a development that makes us very proud. From the bottom of my heart, I salute the entire commandery and all members of the YJA-Star and congratulate them for their resistance. Under the leadership of the free woman, we will defeat this enemy who has nothing but enmity against all peoples and women. We will liberate Kurdistan and consequently democratize Turkey and the whole Middle East.

Our people living in Europe are contributing very decisively to the current resistance. With all my heart I salute and congratulate the resistance of our people. But the fighting and resistance potential of our people in Europe is many times greater. It can bring its power to bear much more effectively and successfully. The protest action in England was very successful. The guerrilla mekab [shoe of the guerrillas] that a South Kurdish mother raised there against Mesrur Barzani completely shocked him.

Europe is behaving mendaciously, keeping silent about the attacks and supporting Turkey militarily. It is therefore participating in these attacks. The struggle of our people living in Europe and our international friends may well force the states of Europe to reconsider their support for the Turkish state. Our people, through their solidarity and unity with the societies of Europe, can strengthen the common alliances of struggle there. If thousands or tens of thousands of European citizens participate in the protests, this will have a huge political impact and influence the policies of the states there. Our people in Europe have been successfully playing the role of an international advocate for the Kurds for a long time. They will enormously strengthen our people's struggle for freedom and democracy by increasing the number of our international friends, building strategic alliances and establishing joint fighting alliances. Our people living in Europe have the necessary awareness, will, ability and energy to succeed in all this.