Besê Hozat: The Paris Massacre will be called to account

KCK Executive Council Co-chair Besê Hozat stressed that the Paris Massacre had been ordered directly by Erdogan and that it will be heavily called to account.

KCK Executive Council Co-chair Besê Hozat answered questions about the Paris Massacre and the captured MİT administrators in the program Ülkeden (“From the Country”) on Medya News TV.

Hozat stated that the MİT administrators captured by the HPG made confessions about the massacre and said: “On the 5th anniversary of the Paris Massacre, I condemn the perpetrators of this massacre with hate. We will absolutely hold the perpetrators of this massacre, this vile murder to account. The blood of our friends won’t be left unavenged. The outcomes that have come to light five years later prove this. The forces that developed the massacre are known. The massacre was ordered by Erdoğan. The MİT planned this massacre and carried it out. Ömer Güney was the man the MİT used. This much is clear. France can’t cover up this massacre. When there is so much evidence, when the perpetrators are known, a cover up is not acceptable in any way. Kurds, allies of Kurds, forces of democracy and revolutionary movements will continue to fight for this. This fight is an expression of that. The colonialist system has carried out vile massacres in the region. For decades the PKK has held them to account for these. It will do so for this too. Nobody can avoid being held to account. With the MİT operation, very important outcomes emerged. There are the murders committed by dictator fascist Erdogan, and outcomes that have emerged more openly.”


In her analyses, Hozat said: “Even though the perpetrators of the Paris Massacre were known, it was always denied to this day. Now the evidence has clarified that Erdoğan planned the massacre and Hakan Fidan implemented it.” Hozat continued:

“It has come to light that this was true. It was Erdoğan who ordered this, and Hakan Fidan. There is a unit working with Sebahattin Asal. Oğuz Yüret, he is the current MİT Van bureau chair. Department chair Uğur Kaan Ayık who has dealt with foreign activity is among the perpetrators of this massacre along with Hakan Fidan. Hakan Fidan is directly tied to this. Sebahattin Asal is in the MİT Undersecretary and is involved. This man Sebahattin Asal is Hakan Fidan’s aide. Along with Muhammed Dervişoğlu, he participated in the Imrali meetings, and determined the committees. Sebahattin Asal decided that. He has that initiative. This man is the planner and perpetrator of the Paris Massacre.”