Call for action against Turkish occupation of Southern Kurdistan

Tevgera Azadî calls on the Southern Kurdistan’s parties to act against the occupation of Southern Kurdistan by Turkey.

At a press conference in their party headquarters in Sulaymaniyah, Tevgera Azadî (Movement for a Free Society in Kurdistan) called for action against the Turkish occupation of Southern Kurdistan.

Party co-chair Mihemed Ebdulla told the press that the entire Southern Kurdistan was in grave danger: "The Turkish occupation forces are on the rise every day. Behind the Turkish invasion are other states that express their support for Turkey.

The Kurdish regional government admits that the Turkish army occupies Southern Kurdistan territory. It undertakes diversionary maneuvers to focus public attention on other issues. The Turkish state uses the PDK. For this reason, we warn all political parties of the current Turkish attempts at disintegration. To act against the Turkish occupation is the task of all democratic circles. The international community must also fulfill its responsibility because the current danger does not only affect the Kurdish people. "

Mihemed Ebdulla called on all Kurds to defend their country, stressing that the Southern Kurdistan parties have to meet immediately and take action against the Turkish occupation.