Call from Ömeryan: Volunteers wanted to fight the fire

The forest fire that broke out following clashes in the Ömeryan region in the Nusaybin countryside is spreading. The firefighters and local residents are not allowed to fight the fire by Turkish soldiers, and have called for volunteers to go to the area.

A fire broke out in the forest area in the Cali village countryside in the Ömeryan region of Mardin's Nusaybin district, and it has been spreading. The fire has spread to the borders of Kurukoy (Xerabe Bawa), Akarsu (Stilile), Eskimagara (Ziving) and Yavrukoy (Kurike Stilile) villages and state forces stop firefighters and locals from going to the area to fight the fire. The Turkish army has threatened the fire department to stay away.


The locals are intervening with their own devices to stop the fire from spreading, but are stopped by the Turkish soldiers. The people say the fire is spreading in the countryside and add that if it isn't put out soon, residential areas will be under great risk.

Local residents said, "Everybody should come here with whatever they got. They don't let us put out the fire in the high areas, but we can at least stop it from spreading to residential area. We really need volunteers here."