Children of Maxmur Refugee Camp resist Iraqi blockade

The resistance of the residents of the Maxmur Refugee Camp continues uninterrupted on its 15th day. Children in the camp are also part of the resistance.

The seeds of resistance by the people of Botan are growing in the hearts and minds of children. Children in the Martyr Rustem Cudi Refugee Camp in Maxmur in southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq), who grew up with this tradition of resistance, have high hopes for themselves in the lands of resistance. Together with their parents, they are keeping guard in resistance tents with their songs and slogans for freedom, defending their will for 15 days.

Since May 20, the Iraqi army has been trying to besiege the Maxmur Refugee Camp with barbed wire and watchtowers. The camp residents have been protecting their will from the siege attempt and refuse to surrender. The residents of the camp continue to keep guard in resistance tents. The participation of children in the vigil with their songs brings enthusiasm and joy to the resistance.

The resistance that has grown in Maxmur for years can be seen in the eyes of the children in the camp today. The resistance can be discerned in the songs, slogans, laughter and hopes of children, who are holding their mother's hands as they happily go to the resistance tents. They are strengthening the struggle of their parents with the slogan 'Biji Berxwedana Mexmurê' (Long Live the Resistance of Maxmur).

The camp children are taking the culture of resistance one step further with songs and slogans of resistance. They are pinning their hopes on themselves. In the words of the children who grew up with a culture of resistance, even if only children are to be remembered from this resistance, the struggle will continue.