Commander Amed Malazgirt: The people and the guerrillas will resist and break the Turkish attack

Commander Malazgirt said: "The people and the guerrillas will resist and break the attack launched by the AKP-MHP fascism," and added that 62 soldiers were killed in the first two days of the war, and 7 guerrillas fell as martyrs."

People's Defense Center (HSM) Headquarters Commander Amed Malazgirt addressed all the guerrilla forces fighting against the new invasion attack launched by the Turkish army against Avaşîn and Zap.

Sharing important information about the latest developments on the war front, Commander Malazgirt started his speech by greeting the HPG and YJA Star guerrillas who resisted the Turkish army.

Malazgirt said that the comprehensive attack launched by the Turkish state on the night of 23 April 2021 was responded to with the Bazên Zagrosê Revolutionary campaign, and added: “The enemy did not achieve its goal in this operation, it suffered many casualties and its advance was stopped. It could only position itself in some limited parts of Avaşîn.”

Commander Malazgirt pointed out that the Turkish state made greater preparations for attack in 2022 and launched its new military operation on the night of 14 April using 55 warplanes, dozens of SİHA/UAV, storm howitzers, tanks, artillery and new weapons. He added: “On the evening of 17 April, the enemy wanted to down soldiers across Zap and Avaşîn with Sikorsky and attack helicopters. These deployments were prevented as a result of the intervention of our comrades.”

Air attempts to land soldiers foiled

Commander Malazgirt said that the Turkish army came from the southern line of Kurêjaro and landed at three points in Sheladize. He added that Turkey was positioned at three points in Kurêjaro under the leadership of the Sîrê base, the Turkish military post in Sheladize. Commander Malazgirt said that for two days, fierce clashes took place between the guerrillas and the occupying forces.

Malazgirt also said that there were attempts to land in the Çiyayê Reş area and continued: “Landing of soldiers were prevented on the first day thanks to the intervention of our comrades. On 18 April, the enemy advanced from Serê Sêvê line to Çiyayê Reş hill and landed soldiers on Rubar Hill and Çiyayê Reş with the support of attack helicopters in the evening. Attempts to land more soldiers on Hell's Peak were foiled. The enemy then tried to land soldiers several times on Şikefta Birîndara and Karker Hill, but did not succeed due to the intervention of our guerrillas.”

Heavy clashes continue

Commander Malazgirt said that the Turkish army was able to land only three times in Şikefta Birîndara and Karker Tepe regions. They also tried to land soldiers on the Küçük Cîlo and Koordine lines, as well as on Şehîd Şahin Hill. Again, they were prevented from doing so by our comrades. They then tried in Şamke and Şehîd Şahin Hill. Heavy clashes continue in that area as well.”

Two-day balance sheet: 62 Turkish soldiers killed

Stating that there were heavy clashes around Avaşîn's Werxelê Hill and Werxelê village, commander Malazgirt gave the following information regarding the two-day war balance sheet: “The enemy suffered 62 losses while 2 attack helicopters were hit. It was determined that the enemy had many wounded. In these clashes and air attacks, 7 of our comrades fell as martyrs.”

The invasion attack will last long

In the last part of his radio speech, commander Malazgirt underlined that the invasion attack of the Turkish state would last long and that the guerrillas would resist. “Based on the Apoist spirit and the PKK's sacrificing militant style, our friends bravely counter this operation. They are determined to foil this operation that we know will last long. We will pay whatever price is necessary for the creation of a free Kurdistan and the liberation of Kurdish lands. We have martyrs in our ranks. It is our duty to avenge all our martyrs.”

Commander Malazgirt continued: “The Turkish state is using illegal and banned weapons as well as chemical weapons against Kurdish guerrillas in its operations. The world is silent because the issue is the free Kurdish people, and the brutality of the Turkish state is tolerated. On the other hand, Turkey is carrying out attacks in all parts of Kurdistan. It murders Kurdish youths in prisons and continues its policy of torture and oppression of society. It wants to break the free Kurdish will. It wants a treacherous, collaborative, weak-willed and loyal Kurd. With these operations, Turkey wants to enter Bashur Kurdistan and take control of the Mosul and Kirkuk lines and extend its power.

The so-called interior minister of the Turkish state has publicly declared what his aims are both before and a week ago. Those who do not see the approach of the Turkish state are either blind or deaf, or they are people who know this and are afraid of the Turkish state and have surrendered their will. It is important that both the patriotic Kurdish people and their friends stand up for their cause in this process. If they don’t do this today, tomorrow will be too late. It is certain that we, as the people and the guerrillas, will resist and break the attack of AKP-MHP fascism.”