Coronavirus pandemic triggers return to the villages

With the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic, many people have returned from the cities in the provinces Hakkari and Van to the villages from which they were displaced in the 1990s.

As in the whole world, the coronavirus continues to spread in Turkey and Northern Kurdistan and claim human lives. Because the Turkish state is not taking enough measures against the pandemic, the people are taking care of their own protection. Against this background there is a migration movement from the cities back to the villages.

Many families who were displaced in the 1990s have been returning to their villages since the outbreak of the pandemic. Especially in the province of Hakkari a return of villages can be observed. The families are turning their backs on the city, repairing their old houses in the village and planting gardens and fields. This can be observed in Çemialekanan, Xelila, Bekopı, Xenanis, Sumanis, Kotanis and dozens of other villages in the region.

In Van province, hundreds of families living in city cenre and the districts of İpekyolu, Tuşba, Edremit and Erciş have also returned to their villages. The village returnees say that the cities are overcrowded and the pandemic is spreading rapidly there. In their villages it is quiet, they say, and a natural life is possible there.