Delegation from Maxmur visited Yagiz on day 185 of hunger strike

A delegation from the Maxmur Refugee Camp visited Nasir Yagiz, who has been on a hunger strike for 185 days in Hewler against the isolation.

A delegation from the Maxmur Popular Assembly visited the HDP Hewler Representation Office where Nasir Yagiz has been on a hunger strike.

Mamoste Mistefa Ergen spoke in the visit and said they were visiting the hunger strikers in Southern Kurdistan in the name of the Popular Assembly.

The delegation visited Herem Mehmud in Kelar on day 89 of his indefinite nonalternating hunger strike on Thursday.

Mistefa Ergen said they also visited the hunger strikers in Sulaimaniyah on Thursday and said, “We derived hope, faith and will from the resistance.”

“The enemies of Kurds should know that their dirty policies will never come to fruition,” said Ergen and added: “The fascism they implement will not succeed, Kurdish people will always have freedom and victory.” Ergen also expressed his faith that the hunger strikers will prevail in their protest.