DEM Party election office opened in Birecik: The reign will end and people will rule

The DEM Party's election office opening in Birecik district turned into a rally. "The reign will end, and the people will rule the municipality" was the message highlighted in the speeches.

The Peoples' Equality and Democracy Party (DEM Party) opened an election office in Birecik district of Urfa for the March 31 elections. DEM Party Urfa MP Ömer Öcalan, members of the Peace Mothers Assembly and many people attended the opening. A convoy of hundreds of vehicles moved from the entrance of the district to Fırat Street where the opening was held. People on the route supported the convoy with victory signs and applause. Thousands of people danced to Kurdish music during the opening ceremony that turned into a rally. Women attended the opening wearing national costumes.

DEM Party Birecik District Co-Chair Hasan Yıldız and Urfa Provincial Co-Chair Bekir Karakeçili thanked the people for the mass participation. Then Birecik Municipality Co-Mayor candidates Berivan İlkaya and Mehmet Begit addressed the crowd. Begit said, "Together we will get rid of the landlord system. From now on, the peoples will rule Birecik."

DEM Party MP Ömer Öcalan said that the doors of the municipality will be opened to the people after the elections and continued: "The people of Birecik are determined. Turkmen, Arabs and Kurds together will open the doors of the municipality to the people. We will put an end to this reign together. Everyone should support this process. The Euphrates flows next to us, but even the nearest villages are without water.  The road to Halfeti has been closed for 5 years. Our co-mayors will work with the people. The people of Birecik own the municipality. Everyone should go and tell about their problems. They have surrounded the municipality and established a reign. This must be condemned. Our call to everyone is that the people should join hands and manage this municipality. Service is not a favor but a duty of the municipality. Our path is the path of truth. There is no theft, plunder, corruption or lies on this path. We guarantee that there will be no corruption and theft in the DEM Party administration. Our co-mayors will work for the benefit of the people."

After the speeches, the election office was opened. After the opening, local artists took the stage and people danced to Kurdish songs.