Dîren Sema: Guerrillas defend the values of the Kurdish people

Guerrilla Dîren Sema, who took part in the resistance in Heftanîn, said that the Turkish state wanted to destroy the gains of the Kurds, but the guerrilla defended them.

The Turkish state's attacks on Heftanîn are ongoing. YJA Star guerrilla Dîren Sema talked about the resistance of the guerrilla against the attacks in Heftanîn and the struggle of her fallen comrades. Stating that the guerrillas resisted with a self-sacrificing spirit in Heftanîn, Dîren Sema added that the Turkish state's war techniques were futile and could not counter this resistance. Sema, who pointed out that the enemy suffered heavy blows especially in the battle of Pîrbûla, said that that resistance was very important.

Evaluating the struggle of her comrades who fell as martyrs in the resistance, Sema said: "Undoubtedly, every friend is making great efforts to achieve success and to strike the enemy. Taking part in the resistance requires great courage in itself. Rêber Apo's [Abdullah Ocalan] fighters are seen in Heftanîn. They continue this resistance with sacrifices. Invaluable resistance fighters fought in every field of Heftanîn and reached martyrdom.”

Underlining that every part of Heftanîn was watered with the blood of the martyrs, guerrilla Dîren Sema said: "Our friends who resisted the enemy fought and fell martyr in Heftanîn. Martyrs Tolhildan, Memyan and Ferman were among these friends. I did not know people as courageous as them. We are children who grew up with the sound of tanks, cannons and warplanes. We were children crying for freedom, not children crying because their toy was taken away.”

Guerrilla Sema added: “The courage of the friends who took part in the resistance shakes the enemy. We will increase this resistance even more by hitting the enemy. Heftanîn is a very important area of South Kurdistan. All the Kurdish enemies want to destroy the gains of the Kurdish people with this invasion operation. That is why the guerrilla defends the values of the Kurdish people. The more we resist, the freer we’ll become. We send our greetings from Heftanîn to all areas of South Kurdistan. We know that our people support us. Our people trust us and we trust them. The people of the South will not let the invaders pass.”